HERObyLIROX Line is the perfect tool to help you learn how to putt strait and putt on undulated greens.

Learn how to putt strait

It works by brushing the velvet in the opposite direction of the putt (form left to right in the picture above). When you putt the ball will live a trace and you can evaluate if you putted it strait. The embossed logo to the left of the hole above helps you Both keep a distant to the ball at address as well as endorsing you to hover the putter just a tiny bit from the ground.

Learn how to read green breaks and calibrate your putting

Now be able to putt strait is good but how can you learn how to putt on undulated greens?

Well the HERObyLIROX Line is an analog tool that can show you what you actually did and how well you followed your own chosen line.

Goto to a putting green and chose a putt with a break and place the Line mat so that if you putt out strait on it the ball would start on your chosen line. (The little hole on the mat will prevent the ball from rolling if it is placed in a break).

Now a few things can happen and they will tell you something about how good you are at reading greens:

  1. The perfect line and a strait putt, the ball makes a strait line going out in the middle of the mat and the ball goes in the hole

  2. The under (or over read, not so common) read putt, the ball goes out strait on the mat but the ball ends app below or over the hole

  3. Not a strait putt and the ball misses the hole, you have to go back and learn how to hit a strait putt (see above)

  4. Not a strait putt and the ball goes in the hole, normally a good player that aim hight and hits low or aim low and hit hight. Here there are two ways to go about it (1) learn how to aim in the right direction (2) see how of you are with your aim and be sure to test and calibrate that you have the sam offset every time you go out on the course

The matt is manufactured in Sweden like professional matts, e.i. a velvet material is glued on to a rubber underside to make it both sturdy (no wrinkles) and rollable easy to bring it with you. It comes in a small handy bag.

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